5 Leadership lessons hidden in New Amsterdam Series !

Gisselle Herrera
3 min readMar 22, 2021

I am not one for binge-watching or movie marathon weekends unless the show is about history or art and I find myself learning from it. But, little did I know when I pressed play that “New Amsterdam “ the latest medical drama series showing on Netflix will have so much to offer.

After watching only 6 episodes, I have seen more lessons on Leadership and Team Development packed in 45 minutes chapters than what we see sometimes at companies for months:

So, What can we learn from “ New Amsterdam and Dr Max’s team”?

Teamwork starts with Servant Leadership: as a leader/manager you are supposed to serve your team, find better ways to make their work easier, engaging, fruitful. Your role at times will be to remind them why do they do what they do, to offer a clear vision and mission every day.
Start by asking today “ HOW CAN I HELP “ ?

2. Respect is earned not a guarantee: If you are a Director, CEO, CTO or floor manager, I dare you to remove all the support you get day by day for 24 hours and then think about who you are without your team.

Recognition + Team + Engagement + SUCCESS

3. Adaptability is Key: this is the most sought after skill of 2020, 2021 and the future to come, with so much unpredictability out there being able to adapt, accept and thrive in changes is defining the success rate of companies and individuals worldwide.

4. Perceptions can be deceiving: allow people to show you what they are capable of creating. Foster a culture where brainstorming, learning and experimenting is allowed/rewarded.

!Time box goals, do not box people!

5. Confrontation is healthy: I know we have been led to believe confrontation has negative effects but when compared to the devastating results of poor communication, disengagement, gossip and office politics I would take any day of the week confrontation as a solution to problems (if you click on confrontation you can find more about how healthy confrontation helps your organization grow )

We need to separate confrontation from violence, a confrontation is simply the act of putting things out in the open without sugar-coating the facts and allowing for each part of the conflict to expose their reasons. It establishes clear lines of thought and allows for an unequivocal start to discuss solutions and changes.

6. Change starts with admitting errors and opening the floor to feedback: wonder why people are not buying your recently discovered spirit to be a better manager ? the reason might be as simple as your lack of Genuine interactions. If you are not capable of genuinely accepting what you did wrong in the past you are simply negating history and striping people from their right to express/feel discomfort with the way you have been handling the team. Want change? start by changing your tactics, listening to people and involving them in what’s to come. Above all BE GENUINE!

And last but not least, remember there are lessons to be learned everywhere and from everyone.